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Leo Francis Eilers

June 30, 1912 Ė December 2, 1997

Leo served on the Steel Electrician from April 16, 1934 to February 6, 1946. He served as an oiler, assistant electrician, electrician, 3rd assistant engineer, 2nd assistant engineer and chief engineer. He sailed out of various US ports from Chicago, Mobile, New Orleans & Tampa. Leo had been working on his Dadís farm in Montaque, MI, but times were lean on a farm during the depression so Leo had to move on. Leo had a brother Paul who was serving on the Steel Electrician as an electrician and he was responsible for Leo first serving aboard.

Leo served aboard the Steel Electrician during World War ll as part of the American Merchant Marine from December 7, 1941 to August 15, 1945. He was designated a Lieutenant on October 29, 1943.

From June of 1938 to May of 1942, Leo was sailing out of Mobile, AL. During this time a radio operator by the name of Austin Thompson was sailing on the Steel Electrician. He was a friend of Leoís and Austin and his wife Emily were friends of a local girl named Veda Errington. Veda and Leo were married January 15, 1942. Thatís how a farm boy from Michigan wound up in the Mobile, AL area.

Following the war Leo left the sea going life and settled in Chickasaw, AL. He worked on the Mobile waterfront for the remainder of his career. The last two years of his working life he worked as an engineer on the M/V Mary Weathers on the Mississippi river.

After retiring he lived the remainder of his life in Chickasaw, AL.

Information provided by Lee Eilers, son of Leo.

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