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M/V Steel Engineer

Gross Tonnage:8,645Net:4,533
Dimensions:509' 4" x 68' 2" x 23' 11"MC Type:
Builder:A/B Oskarshamns Varv
Hull #
USMC Hull #
Date of Build:

Engines:Oil 2SA 6Cy. 760 x 1500mm
7500 bhp
Engine Builder:A/B Gotaverken
Navigation:DF, ESD, GC, RDR, RTDecks, etc.:1 Deck & Shelter Deck, 3rd Deck in Numbers 3 & 4 Holds

Began Isthmian Service:1969Ended Isthmian Service:1971

----------------------------------- Vessel History -----------------------------------
Call Ltrs
Blue MasterSKIBS A/S Golden West
Oslo, Norway
Steel EngineerIsthmian Lines, Inc.
New York
New YorkUS
Ocean EnduranceEndurance Shipping & Enterprises Co. (Panama) S.A.
c/o Ocean Shipping & Enterprises
Hong Kong
Tai TungTaiwan Navigation Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan

6/16/65: Norwegian MV BLUE MASTER, from Baltimore, and U.S. Navy Destroyer HARTLEY collided in driving rainstorm off Cape Henry early today, the Navy reported. Navy said no one was injured in the collison which occured about 1.5 miles off Cape Henry and BLUE MASTER continued on her voyage with little damage. The HARTLEY was damaged on her starboard side and lost power. She dropped anchor and tugs were dispatched to the scene. The HARTLEY was in danger of grounding although a 20 kt. wind was blowing from the NE the Navy said. At 2:45 PM, USN tugs pulled collision damaged HARTLEY away from pounding surf at Virginia Beach and then into Norfolk.
6/17/65: From Oslo: Owners of MV BLUE MASTER report vessel damaged above the waterline, including a gash between the 17 and 22 ft. marks. BLUE MASTER bound for New Orleans, in ballast proceeded southward. It has been decided BLUE MASTER will enter Jacksonville for repairs.
6/19/65: BLUE MASTER arrived Jacksonville.
6/25/65: BLUE MASTER left Jacksonville for New Orleans.
6/6/66: From San Salvador: Japanese Steamer EIZAN MARU, Hirohata for Buenos Aires, while leaving La Union Pier at 12:32 PM, due to strong wind and current, starboard side contacted stern of Norweigan MV BLUE MASTER, Houston for Okinawa, causing slight damage above waterline. Master of EIZAN MARU arranged with Master of BLUE MASTER and proceeded on voyage. Damage to EIZAN MARU unknown. BLUE MASTER will cement damage and proceed on voyage. BLUE MASTER left La Union for San Jose, Guatemala.
6/16/66: From San Salvador: In view of slight damage sustained in consequence of collision between Steamer EIZAN MARU and MV BLUE MASTER at Cutuco on 6/6/66, both Masters considered it was not worth calling on Lloyd's Agents for assistance. According to a statement made by Master of BLUE MASTER, a plate on the port side of the stern was holed and indented and frames bent.
12/31/67: At Philadelphia, BLUE MASTER sustained contact damage with wharf while being towed by tug PATRICE McALLISTER.
1/2/68: MV BLUE MASTER surveyed at Philadelphia for damage to starboard side results in 2 plates remove, fair and refit, 3 frames crop and renew and 4 indents fair in place. Repairs completed.
7/69: Sold by Skibs A/S Golden West, Norway, to Isthmian Lines, Inc.; renamed STEEL ENGINEER. Converted to U.S. flag at a Staten Island shipyard.
12/71: Sold by Isthmian Lines, Inc. to Endurance Shipping & Enterprises Co., S.A., Panama; renamed OCEAN ENDURANCE.
6/1/72: OCEAN ENDURANCE, Thunder Bay for Belfast, arrived Montreal; struck lock at Iroquois and fractured shell plates.
6/2/72: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE, presently at Montreal loaded with grain. Information received from Montreal states: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE: Reported that while vessel on voyage from Thunder Bay to Liverpool via Belfast, loaded with pellet grain in bulk, she came in contact with the approach wall of lock at Iroquois at approximately 3:23 PM on 6/1/72. Survey was conducted alongside Section 53, Montreal today.
6/8/72: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE left Montreal for Belfast.
7/11/72: From Liverpool: CBS Engineering Co., Ltd., report that contact damage repairs, involving partial renewal of ship's side plating, frames and deck beams, are in hand on MV OCEAN ENDURANCE. This work is being carried out afloat at discharging and loading berths.
7/14/72: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE left Liverpool for New Orleans via Finland.
6/27/73: From Colombo: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE: Owners report engine damage.
7/3/73: From Colombo: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE: Survey carried out but survey details from log books, which previously dispatched to Karachi, and Surveyor awaiting return of log books before completing report. Temporary repairs completed at Colombo. Vessel sailed for Maritius.
7/26/73: From Durban: Durban radio reported MV OCEAN ENDURANCE, Port Louis (Maritius) for Liverpool, stopped due to engine trouble at 13:00 GMT in position Lat. 24.34 S, Long. 48.34 E. Anticipated 10 - 12 hrs to effect repairs.
8/6/73: MV OCEAN ENDURANCE arrived Capetown.
1973: Sold to Taiwan Navigation; renamed TAI TUNG.
3/9/79: From Bombay: Serious fire broke out in Shed No. 7/8, Victoria Dock at approximately 10:30. Fire extinguished after approximately 2 hours. Fire apparently originated in cargo of copra in bags being discharged from MV TAI TUNG from Dubai and subsequently spread to other cargo in shed. Approximately 1,000 tons copra, 1,000 bags lentils, 250 tons team and other cargo damaged/destroyed by fire/water.

Disposition DateComments
1985Sold by Taiwan Navigation to Taiwan Shipbreakers at Kaohsiung where the vessel had been laid up since 10/14/82 and had since been scrapped. Reported April 1985.

The information on this web site is the kind contribution of our Historian, Skip Lewis, 2003. Skip, whose dad sailed for Isthmian, is an avid collector and researcher of everything Isthmian and States Marine. In his quest, he has used many sources and publications including Lloyd's of London and Imperial Steel by John Atherton.

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