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S.S. Steel Navigator

Gross Tonnage:8,013Net:4,727
Dimensions:492' 0" x 69' 7" x 29' 5"MC Type:C3-S-A2
Builder:Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp.
Pascagoula, MS
Hull #
USMC Hull #
Date of Build:
Engines:2 Steam Turbines DR Geared to Single Screwed ShaftEngine Builder:General Electric Co.
Lynn, MA
Navigation:DF, ESD, GC, RDR, RTDecks, etc.:2 Decks & Open Shelter Deck

Began Isthmian Service:1947Ended Isthmian Service:1973

----------------------------------- Vessel History -----------------------------------
Call Ltrs
Sea StallionUS War Shipping Administration
New OrleansUSWB
Sea StallionUS Maritime Commission
New OrleansUS
Steel NavigatorIsthmian Lines, Inc.
New York
New YorkUS

3/1/45: Keel laid.
9/14/45: Launched.
12/21/45: Delivered.
1946: U.S. Maritime Commission.
2/48: Collision with barge damaged plates, frames and floors. Renew 2 shell plates, 4 plates and 7 frames; repair cost $4,652 at Baltimore.
11/48: Hit obstruction damaging plates and frames; repair cost $6,324.
1/49: Aground; repair propeller, renew shaft and rewood bushings at a cost of $16,200.
5/49: Hit bridge damging plates and frames; repair cost $2,100
1/31/50: On voyage Philadelphia for Norfolk, aground at Hampton Roads between Fort Wool and Norfolk Channel Buoy #1.
6/14/50: On voyage Baltimore for Manila, lost water in starboard boiler damaging tubes; repair cost approximately $1,200.
6/19/52: On voyage Baltimore for Belawan at Saigon, swung at berth, hitting submerged wreck then hitting dock, damaging it. No damage to vessel.
6/1/53: Returned to New York, voyage Houston for Calcutta, with engine trouble.
6/3/53: Repairs made and vessel sailed.
8/11/53: At Bombay, voyage Houston and New York for Calcutta, collided with and sank barge No. 6408, Bombay Registry, at Alexandria Dock; renew upper rudder stock, repair propeller and check shaft.
8/14/53: Barge now sunk, awash in tank bunder. Owners Ardeshir B. Cursetjee & Sons. Cargo of packages, machinery and old clothing, etc. damaged but salved by Port Trust divers.
8/20/53: Left Bombay for Calcutta.
11/1/53: Outward bound from Houston for Bombay and Calcutta, returned to Houston with water turbine trouble.
11/2/53: Left Houston, proceeded on voyage.
11/17/53: Heavy weather.
3/9/54: From being struck on stern by barge 8/11/53, remove propeller and recondition, draw and examine tailshaft, remove and renew upper rudder stock, together with sundry damages. From heavy weather 11/17/53, Houston for Calcutta, remove jumbo boom fair and double, 1 other boom fair, together with sundry deck damages. All repairs and drydocking at Baltimore.
5/12 - 5/20/54: Damage from barges surging against vessel.
12/4/54: Grounding, recondition propeller, install spare propeller, draw tailshaft for exam and Magnaflux, together with sundry damages; drydocking and repairs at Baltimore.
8/55: Heavy weather.
11/30/55: From barge damage 5/12 - 5/20/54, partially renew 1 shell plate and fair 4, frames and brackets straighten and partially renew, tanks steam, clean and test, together with sundry damages; repairs at Baltimore.
5/21/56: From heavy weather 8/55, 2 shell plates renew, 2 partially renew and two fair, floors, intercostals and brackets straighten and partially renew, tanks steam, clean and test, together with sundry damages; drydocking and repairs at Baltimore.
7/31/59: The following cable has been received from Suez: Steamer STEEL NAVIGATOR, Houston for Jeddah and Calcutta, arrived from Suez Canal at 5:30 PM on 7/29. Now reported effecting engine repairs at Suez. Anticipated will complete on 8/1.
8/9/59: Repairs completed and STEEL NAVIGATOR sailed from Suez at 6:30 PM.
11/22/60: Steamer ZOELLA LYKES, outbound Kaohsiung for New Orleans, partially laden with general cargo, was in collision with Steamer STEEL NAVIGATOR, New Orleans for Calcutta, moored at City Dock No. 11. No material damage to ZOELLA LYKES, which is proceeding to New Orleans. Some damage to hull of STEEL NAVIGATOR. No apparent cargo damage to either vessel.
10/7/71: At Mongla, Chalna, collides with barge CL 46.
3/6/72: Surveyed in drydock in Savannah for damaged alleged sustained 10/7/71 in consequence of collision with barge CL 46 at Mongla, Chalna; repairs completed.

Disposition DateComments
1973Sold to Chous Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and delivered at Kaohsiung 6/27/73. Scrapped 6/73 Kaohsiung. Reported 9/73: Sold to the Republic of China (Taiwan) for Scrapping.

The information on this web site is the kind contribution of our Historian, Skip Lewis, 2003. Skip, whose dad sailed for Isthmian, is an avid collector and researcher of everything Isthmian and States Marine. In his quest, he has used many sources and publications including Lloyd's of London and Imperial Steel by John Atherton.

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